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Big Jay Sorensen's Photo Library


"Little" Jay Sorensen

Kindergarten 1959

Prowling Lakewood, NJ, 1968.

97.5 WPST, Trenton, NJ

WPST On-Air Line-Up 1977
(Top Left) Tom Taylor; (Top Right) Big Jay Sorensen;
(Center) "EZ" Ed Johnson; (Bottom Left) Lee Tobin;
(Bottom Right) Phil Simon.

On-The-Air WPST circa 1980.

WJRZ, Manahawkin, NJ

WJRZ Remote Broadcast 2006 -- Big Jay Sorensen
and Anita Bonita wave goodbye to New Jersey.

WJRZ Party 2006 - (L-R): Frank Lombardo,
Anita Bonita, Big Jay Sorensen, Metro Traffic's Pete Tauriello.

66 WNBC-AM, New York

Big Jay's WNBC Publicity Shot

WNBC's "The Joey Reynolds Show" Crew

WNBC's "The Time Machine" Crew - (L-R): Jack Scott,
Jim Collins, Dan Taylor, Big Jay Sorensen, Dale Parsons

Sirius Satellite Radio

Big Jay Sorensen's Sirius Satellite Radio
Publicity Shot - 2003.

Big Jay Sorensen (R) in a bear-hug with
"Cousin" Bruce Morrow - Sirius/XM Satellite Radio - 2007.

101.1 WCBS-FM, New York - New Year's Eve 2010-2011

Big Jay Sorensen with his lovely wife, Andrea.

The "Master" at work...

...ringing in the New Year...

...with that infectious smile...

...we all "hear" on the radio!

(All "WCBS-FM New Year's Eve 2010-2011" photos courtesy of Joseph M. Calisi)

2010 Oldies Radio Meet 'N Greet - New York

Hangin' at Ben's Deli (L-R): Big Jay Sorensen,
Anita Bonita, Famous Amos, Jim Kerr, Don Tandler, Rich Appel.

"Jay the Judge"
Millstone Performing Arts Center - Millstone Township, NJ
“We Got Your '50s Right Here” - Feb. 19, 2011

Judges (from left to right) included Vini "Mad Dog" Lopez
(formerly of Bruce Springsteen’s E-Street Band);
Dave Hoeffel (of the '50s on 5 channel on SIRIUS/XM Satellite Radio);
Big Jay Sorensen from CBS-FM 101.1 in NYC; event promoter/MC Steve Trevelise.

"All Night with Joey Reynolds" - Feb. 2011

Caught on the set of "All Night with Joey Reynolds (L-R): Joey Reynolds, Big Jay Sorensen,
Andrea Sorensen, and legendary singer/entertainer Frankie Valli. 

"All Night with Joey Reynolds" - April 2011


Big Jay Sorensen(L) with HBO's "Cathouse"
owner, Dennis Hof.
(L-R): Big Jay Sorensen; Joey Reynolds; legendary
comedian Pat Cooper.

Big Jay Sorensen (L) with the 55th Governor of New York,
David Paterson.
Big Jay Sorensen (L) with New York radio legend/author
Pete Fornatale.
(L-R): Joey Reynolds; actor Danny Aiello; Big Jay Sorensen.
Dean Martin's daughter, Deana Martin (L); Big Jay Sorensen.

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