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Big Jay appears in "Wages of Spin II"!

Shameless plug: You all may remember I was just a part of a major documentary about the music business and the shenanigans that went on during the late '70s into the '80s called "WAGES OF SPIN II---Tear Down The Wall"...The documentary is now WIDELY available for purchase at retail outlets all over America like: Amazon, FYE, Best Buy, Barnes and Noble, Sears, MVD Entertainment, CD Universe, KMart, DVD World, Turner Classic Movies, Video Warehouse, Heartland Music, ShopPBS, Cash Wise, Music Video Distributors, Newegg, Movie Stop, WhereHouse, DVD Planet, Spun, HotMovieSale, KroeseOnline and several additional retailers available thru Search Engines. There is another documentary about the great '50s-'60s Payola scandal that is also a must-see, featuring Dick Clark, Alan Freed and others. Some major stars appear in both films. There WILL be a third installment soon. I will be seen in that one as well. I don't get a dime from this...I just want all of my fans to see how things used to be in the music/radio biz. Sometimes it wasn't pretty. I think you'll be thoroughly entertained and informed. Thanks to you all for your support during my 45 years in radio.

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